Dark Hollow Falls and Rose River Trails, Shenandoah National Park

While hanging out an old church that had been converted to an AirBnB by an artist, we hiked the Dark Hollow Falls trail to the Rose River loop in Shenandoah National Park. Dark Hollow Falls departs from Skyline Drive near Big Meadows. If you, like us, eschew roads (boooooring, also my hips don’t like the repetitive motion), you can make Rose River a little longer by following the loop around to the east until you hit the fire road on the north side, then returning to the Dark Hollow Halls trail by retracing your steps on the Rose River loop, for a total of 6.2-ish miles.

This trail featured a BEAR. 

Dar commanded this rock to move, and it displayed recalcitrance, so she was forced to physically shove it out of the way.

Help me move this thing.

There is a scenic overlook.

Dar’s phone says it’s that-a-way, whatever it is.

Why can’t every day be just like this?

Such sky. I wonder if my computing resources are in these clouds here.

Waterfall! The first of many today.

Autumn gold was still hanging on.

Lest you think it’s all vistas and waterfalls, there is also fernage.

See, more waterfalls!

So pretty!

You know I’m all about them falls, bout them falls, no trail shots.

Maybe just one trail shot.

Big, nifty-shaped rock.

Dar for scale. Big, nifty-shaped, LOOOOMING rock.

Many-pronged waterfalls!




What was in focus here, the brim of my visor? Anyway, the background was too pretty to omit.


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