Stephanie’s Kittens

No, I have not recently adopted the stage name Stephanie. Stephanie is a feral cat who hangs out in the alleys near my house. She’s a prolific producer of kittens and to date, has evaded the various humane traps set out for her. She has also recently decided that I am her preferred kitten shelter. She has begun bringing her kittens to my yard and leaving them. With this last litter, she even meowed insistently to remind me that I’d missed a couple when rounding up the latest batch and that she’d helpfully brought them back to my yard for me to collect. As a result, adoptable kittens abound! And many of them look just like mama. (hint: she’s an all-black cat with yellow eyes).

Stephanie had 3 litters that I know of this year and the remaining adoptable kittens from each are listed here in reverse order with the most recent litter first. If you would like to adopt one, please fill out the adoption application at . Please note that there is a $50 adoption/rehoming fee. Additional questions – email .

Holiday Kitten Litter

Born around November 7, 2019, these little ones arrived in my back yard on December 14, 2019. There are 4 in this litter – Sullivan, Serafina, Sabrina & Sadie. Sabrina has an approved adopter but the other three are still available. They are FeLV/FIV negative & litter box trained. They go for their first shots soon!

Adoption application at .

Serafina (Sera) – Female, black, short hair. Playful, loves to cuddle & be a lap cat.



Sadie – Female, grey & white, short hair. Playful with cats but shy with people. Would like a quiet adult home, preferably with another cat or one of her siblings.



Sullivan (Sullie) – Male, black, long-hair. Very playful & friendly.









The S Kitten Litter

These little peanuts were brought into my yard by Stephanie when they were just 2.5 weeks old. They were born around August 1, 2019. All but one had their eyes sealed shut with eye infections so I took them in. They have been hand raised since then. There were 5 in this litter – all girls! Soleil, Sylvie & Shiloh have all been adopted but Sydney & Sassafras are still looking for their forever homes. They are FeLV/FIV negative, have all shots and are spayed, microchipped, litter box trained & scratching post trained.

Adoption application at .

Sassafras (Sassy) – Female, black, short hair. Sassy loves to play and be held and petted. She would do well with another cat and depending on the home, may be a good solo kitty. Ideally, she would love to go home with her sister Sydney.









Sydney – Female, black, short hair. Sydney is very playful and affectionate but does not like to be carried around or picked up a lot. She prefers to sit on your lap while you read and snuggle up on you at night. She would do best in a home with another cat as she tends to be more cat-focused than people-focused. Ideally, she would love to go home with her sister Sassy.









Mika & Greta

Mika & Greta were the first two kittens Stephanie dropped off. I didn’t realize they were hers at first. They just suddenly appeared in my yard at the same spot she would bring all her subsequent litters – no mom cat, no siblings, just these two. They were born around February 14, 2019 and appear to be the only survivors of that litter. They were both feral when trapped but have since become friendly. These two must be adopted together as Greta is still very shy in unfamiliar situations and would not do well without Mika. Both are FeLV/FIV negative, have all shots and are spayed, microchipped, litter box trained & scratching post trained.

Adoption application at .

Mika – Female, black & white tuxedo, short hair. Mika is shy with strangers but becomes very friendly quickly. She loves to be held, carried like a baby & petted. She is bonded with her sister Greta and must be adopted with her.

Greta – Female, solid grey with a few white markings, short hair. Greta is very shy with strangers but warms up. She is afraid of being picked up still. She loves to be petted. Greta is bonded with her sister Mika and depends on her for social cues. She must be adopted with her.