Little Gunpowder and Quarry Loop, Gunpowder State Park

We only did half this loop today. A halfaloop? A heffaloop? No heffalumps were spotted, regrettably, though we could have benefitted from a troop of Disney characters dragging us to complete the trail. Perhaps, much like the photo above of my cat snoozing the previous day, we just wanted to curl up on an electric blanket.

Heffalumps, very copyright Disney, don’t sue me.

I took no photos. I have no commentary. This blog post is merely a spot to record the presence of a hike. And make heffalump jokes.

Total distance: 2.77 mi
Max elevation: 440 ft
Min elevation: 211 ft
Total climbing: 591 ft
Total descent: -593 ft
Average speed: 3.17 mi/h
Total time: 01:08:05


Distance2.76 miles
Elevation Gain262 feet
Moving Time1 hour, 8 minutes
Total Time1 hour, 8 minutes
Average Pace25 minutes per mile / 1.2 mph