Mansel, Bernard and Beach Mountain Loop, Acadia National Park

On the last day of our 4-hikes-4-days hiking binge in Acadia, we completed the Mansel, Bernard and Beach Mountain Loop. Staring at Long Lake, you go uuuuuuup a mountain, back down to the lake, uuuuuuup another mountain, and back down to the ground again. The climb up Beach Mountain is a doozy if you do that loop second!

Beautiful trails, and the end of September / beginning of October is a great time to be in Acadia. The weather is great, and the families have gone back to school.

Total distance: 8.01 mi
Max elevation: 1061 ft
Min elevation: 59 ft
Total climbing: 3071 ft
Total descent: -3074 ft
Average speed: 2.14 mi/h
Total time: 05:15:14

You park on the shore of Long Pond, at the end of Long Pond Road.

I love the forest on Mount Desert Island. Trees, moss, granite and JOY.
In case we forget where we parked.
Not sure if this is Trail Boogie or merely Waypointing.
Dar prepares to fly up stone steps. ZOOM!
Relaxing on granite steps
Before scaling iron ladders bolted into the mountain
You can see my car from up here!
LOVE this forest. ❤️
Dar contemplates more granite steps
Do not fall down the mountainside.
Long Lake from the top of Mansell Mountain
Definitely Ents.
Dar kindly held up the sky while the atmosphere took a breather.
We should go that way.
Moss and bebe pine trees! Squee!
I have a moss love.
Dar scales the root mountain. If it goes straight up, it’s probably the trail.
Mushroom diorama!
After making our way down to the lake, we passed this very cool gate on the way up Beach Mountain.
Hey, we were up there this morning!
Atop Beach Mountain is a fire tower and a bald granite spot, as Acadia does.


Distance7.86 miles
Elevation Gain261 feet
Moving Time4 hours, 48 minutes
Total Time5 hours, 15 minutes
Average Pace40 minutes per mile / 1.6 mph