Bald Rock and Mount Megunticook, Camden Hills State Park

All the Scenic Things! I still just can’t even with how beautiful the coast of Maine is, even on an overcast day.

Total distance: 6.08 mi
Max elevation: 1374 ft
Min elevation: 525 ft
Total climbing: 1510 ft
Total descent: -1233 ft
Average speed: 0.00 mi/h

We parked at the Camden Hills State Park parking lot on Youngtown Road and headed up the Ski Shelter Trail. We took the spur trail to Bald Rock, then returned to Ski Shelter Trail to head south toward Mount Megunticook. I don’t have a trail link for this one since we made it up.


The view from Bald Rock Mountain.
Our mugs.
Misty isles, descending clouds. Is Maine the Ireland of the US?
Our feet also enjoyed the Bald Rock Mountain overlook. That is ocean out there, not just clouds over a mountain ridge. The trees descend to the sea, which looks awfully like more sky at present since it is reflecting the clouds. The sky islands reveal its true character … or Independence Day is about to start.
Dar gazes. She’s trying to determine whether those are islands or invading space ships. I have already hidden under a rock precautionarily.
Stream with little waterfalls!
Secret cairn breeding ground.
A nest of cairns!
The view from Mount Megunticook. Pardon me while I try not to swoon right off the peak.
Seriously swoony.
We swooned after all.
We found a great crevice for a standing nap.
This is going on my phone lock screen.
Dar’s calves of steel!
The trail is paved with stone interventions.