Big Flat Mountain Loop via Appalachian Trail

On an overcast day with mist rolling through the woods, we embarked upon a ramble through Lothlorien Shenandoah National Park on Big Flat Mountain Loop.

I’m headed for a hike that’s not crowded
Without a water fountain
So come with me, we’ll go and see
The Big Flat Loop in the Mountains

Sincerest apologies to Harry McClintock

Avoiding the covid crowds, we started around 9am and succeeding in seeing few people.

Total distance: 5.99 mi
Max elevation: 3315 ft
Min elevation: 2805 ft
Total climbing: 1645 ft
Total descent: -1645 ft
Average speed: 2.62 mi/h
Total time: 03:30:08
Pretty sure there are elves out here.
Such vibrant, juicy green.
The mist in the trees was beautiful.

We had an amphibian and MANY SPIDERS as companions. The spiderwebs were very impressive and all dripped with dewy jewels.

Dar surveyed her domain from atop a crag with reflecting pool.
More surveying, this time from an overlook.
Feet also surveyed the valley.
Clouds hovered over the valley and the rolling hills.
Then began descending …
The clouds are apparently protective about having the valley surveyed. STOP LOOKING AT THE VALLEY. MOVE ALONG.


Distance6 miles
Elevation Gain1645 feet
Total Time3 hours, 30 minutes
Average Pace23 minutes per mile / 2.6 mph