Big Run Loop, Shenandoah National Park

On a sunny — but not deathly because mountains 💞 — day at the end of July, we set out upon Big Run Loop. Avoiding the covid crowds, we started around 9am and succeeding in seeing few people.

Total distance: 5.01 mi
Max elevation: 2889 ft
Min elevation: 1713 ft
Total climbing: 1883 ft
Total descent: -1926 ft
Average speed: 2.58 mi/h
Total time: 02:32:25

But first, Rocky Top Overlook.

We were determined to be touristy today. All scenic pullovers were considered.

The trail begins in woods, on a slope thick with verdant fernage.

An easy river crossing.

Then grass takes over as the undergrowth of choice.

Followed by lunch, back at Rocky Top Overlook. Green mountain majesty indeed.


Distance5.7 miles
Elevation Gain1348 feet
Total TimeWho knows, apparently I stopped recording!
Average Pace23 minutes per mile / 2.6 mph