Orange Grove Loop, Patapsco Valley State Park

My first custom AllTrails trail! The trailhead is VERY FULL, do not park there. Park somewhere else.

I picked the route to maximize mileage within the Orange Grove area without having to walk on pavement, which kills my hips to death.

We did this trail after a week of rainy weather and it was a MUD. SLOG. I’ve never been so filthy after a hike. I had to bathe my poles before putting them back in my pack. That’s right, I have dainty pack poles that fit entirely inside my short-person-sized hiking pack. I know you’re covetous.

Total distance: 7.26 mi
Max elevation: 415 ft
Min elevation: 112 ft
Total climbing: 1920 ft
Total descent: -1921 ft
Average speed: 2.64 mi/h
Total time: 03:47:18

The Valley View trail portion of this loop was the driest, and the least populated, and had the best view, so we spent as much time on it as possible. As expected, there were mobs near the Cascade Falls trail parking and the waterfalls on the Cascade trail.

I’ve apparently spent too much time in Patapsco and can’t remember to take pictures of the scenery, only myself making faces.


Distance7.2 miles
Elevation Gain778 feet
Moving Time3 hours, 25 minutes
Total Time3 hours, 47 minutes
Average Pace28:28 minutes per mile / 2.1 mph
Food ConsumedBefore the hike: nothing
During the hike: Burrito, 2 blueberry oatmeal bars
Phone Battery PerformanceMade it all the way through without getting low! Cell reception must be good.