Wildlife Loop and South Wind Trail Loop, Middle Patuxent Environmental Area

Tucked away off a residential street in Clarksville, near River Hill High School, the Wildlife and South Wind Trail Loop is an easy 4.4 miles of soft and relatively flat ground through deciduous forest, fields of tall grasses, and along a river. We like to pop over to Great Sage for lunch afterward.

Total distance: 4.51 mi
Max elevation: 392 ft
Min elevation: 286 ft
Total climbing: 599 ft
Total descent: -598 ft
Average speed: 2.96 mi/h
Total time: 01:58:07

Obligatory faces. If you haven’t seen my uvula, it’s not a complete set of hiking photos.

The eastern Bushdar stalks quietly in the field.

A Tyrannosaurus Karen also lurks in the golden grasses. This one appears to be simply admiring the beautiful day.

I got a clip-on macro lens for my phone! These pods, built on plant stalks, seem likely to emit some sort of insect or flying creature in the future.

A river runs through it. Sometimes you track it, sometimes you cross it.

Dar has taken an interest in maintenance of historic vehicles. She reports that the lack of engine is probaby an issue with this one.

Near the decrepit car, there is an informational display about the use of eco-goats to clear out invasives, which seems like an awesome business.

Also near the decrepit car, a woodland theater. Dar orated to a packed crowd.

A few isolated trees of pine break up the deciduosity. Should you need to pee, follow the spur trail to the right at the pines, it is isolated with many private spots.

Golden grasses, blue skies.

Paths through the fields have been kindly mowed and trampled for you.