Măgura to Zărnești, Romania

After luxuriating for two days in Măgura, feeling like we had retired to the Alps, it was time to hoof it on to our next destination, an inn in Zărnești. The route took us through Piatra Craiului National Park, where we tackled a death-defying mountain.

Total distance: 7.9 mi
Max elevation: 6007 ft
Min elevation: 2441 ft
Total climbing: 3911 ft
Total descent: -4564 ft
Average speed: 2.83 mi/h
Total time: 05:37:35

I took no photos between the park and Zărnești, because I hurt a lot, but here are some photos from our balcony at the inn, looking over their pastoral property and the similarly pastoral fields beyond.

Fish pond with carp and a water wheel, horseshoe ring, playground.
Horsies next door.